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Deleine Cassell is a Human Resources Specialist for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at UNC-Chapel Hill who volunteers for the Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares campaign to help raise funds for charitable organizations across the state of North Carolina. Below, learn more about Deleine and why she gives back.

Why do you volunteer with Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares?

I have experience fundraising and working with community, it’s something I did a lot of in college. I’m passionate about people and their wellbeing, so this was right up my alley.

Why do you give to Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares?

Growing up I was a part of a program called HEAF, the Harlem Education Activities Fund. From the sixth grade all the way through college, HEAF staff and volunteers invested in me, supported me and believed in me, helping me pursue my dreams and create new ones. They gave me amazing mentors who have impacted my life in ways I can never begin to thank them for. I give so that others can have the opportunities to experience all that and more.

How does your team at UNC Research participate in the CCCS campaign?

Across the research division, we are very lucky to have some amazing people who really go the extra mile to support the CCCS campaign, we’ve had everything from Hot Dog Lunches and Bake Sales, to seeking support by connecting with colleagues one on one. I can’t wait for us to get started with this year’s campaign; we have big plans!


Join Deleine. Volunteer Today.

Volunteer sign up will continue through September 6.

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