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Who can contribute?

All state employees and retirees are eligible to participate in the State Employees Combined Campaign. This includes permanent full-time, part-time and time limited employees; temporary employees, interns & contract employees. These employees may give by e-pledge, cash, check or credit card.


Isn’t it better for me to give directly to the charity?

How you pledge and pay your gift is definitely a personal decision. Giving through the SECC provides you convenience, accountability and the ability to pay your gift through payroll deduction. Charities appreciate gifts through the SECC because:

  • Most charities spend a great deal of time and money to solicit and acknowledge gifts. On the other hand, charities devote minimal time and resources to apply to and participate in the SECC.
  • They can budget for pledged contributions from a report they receive from the SECC in late February/early March.
  • Charities receive payments quarterly without needing to invoice individual donors.
  • They are able to apply SECC contributions toward areas where they are needed the most, stretching the value of their existing budget for programs and services.


Do I need to fill out another pledge form for this year’s pledge if I have given in the past?

Yes. A new form must be completed every year.


Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. You may need documentation to support your contribution depending on the amount you pledge. SECC provides a pledge confirmation to your email address on file. Consult with your accountant or tax advisor for details.


What happens to my contribution if I do not designate to a specific charity?

The campaign’s regulations specify that all undesignated gifts are proportionately distributed to those charities receiving designations. If Charity A receives 5% of designated pledges, then Charity A will also receive 5% of undesignated pledges.


How are charities approved for the Giving Guide?

Charities listed in the SECC Giving Guide must apply for admission annually and meet the campaign’s eligibility criteria established by regulations that govern the State Employees Combined Campaign. The criteria that the charities must meet can be found on our website at under the Charities tab.


What is the campaign’s overhead?

In 2021, the campaign’s administrative costs were less than 10%, which is required by SECC.


What is the duration of my payroll deduction and when does it begin?

Deductions begin in January and continue through December.


How much of my donation actually goes to the charity?

Participating charities are screened to ensure overhead costs are kept below 25% allowing for the greatest portion of every gift be disbursed to the actual cause.


Is the SECC an EarthShare campaign?

No. The State Employees Combined Campaign is administered solely by state employees and is not part of EarthShare or any other non-profit campaign. However, EarthShare and other eligible charitable organizations may apply for inclusion in the SECC each year.